I have ordered 1000 visitors but my counter on website counted only 600 hits. What is it?
There are the two most common reasons: Format Pop-under, Click-under and Back-under are quite specific in nature, so after the advertised site has opened, visitors sometimes try to quickly close the window. Some of them are recorded by our statistics, but counter on your site does not load, therefore, counter does not record this visitor. To minimize this effect, your advertised site should open as quickly as possible, it will minimized the negative effects and increase the conversion. Many users set different antivirus and firewalls that block downloading of graphics on websites. Counters of the main ratings are designed in such a way that it record visitor only if he has loaded a counter picture. If the visitor on your computer is blocked downloads all graphics - it will not be recorder by counter. FastPromo uses the accounting system, which is different from the principles of counters and is independent of the graphics settings, so the stats of out system is closest to reality.
What is the technology ChangeReferer or Source of visits?
The system FastPromo allows you to choose URLs as referer. The unique technology ChangeReferer (replacement the source of visits) - just enter URLs, and enjoy the result. On these pages may not be a link to your site, the ratings will still be assumed that visit is coming from them.
What is an ad network IFrame?
Your advertised site is loading in an invisible frame. So there is nothing appears and nothing pops up on the site, but in fact at the same time your advertised site is loading in a special iframe-code.
What is an ad network Surfing?
Member of the CAP-system surf your advertised site in the hand surfing. This means that after the show he has to enter some numbers to confirm the view of site. If he enters the correct code, he will receive credits (money).
What is an ad network Back-under?
The operating principle of this technique is similar to the Click-under. There is also no banners, links and pop-up window. The difference is that when a visitor enters the site, on which the code is located, from a search engine or other project, instead of site from which he came, your advertised site will be opened.
What is an ad network Click-under?
With this technology does not use any banners, links and pop-up windows, the visitor can easily view the contents of page. Only after visitor clicks in any place on page, your advertised site will be opened.
What is an ad network Pop-under?
This format is a pop-up window, which size is 468x60px. The window is located in the center of the page over the other website content and free to move when you scroll the page. Above the banner is a button "close", when visitor clicks it, opens your advertised site.
What guarantees can you provide?
There is no guarantee of that N-th number of visitors will be counted by counter on your website. Because there are many factors that can interfere of this (for example faults in website work, a little loading speed of page, etc). But the guarantee of that we will sent N-th number of visitors on your website and you will know their IP-address, we can provide.