Security Policy
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy and take our responsibilities regarding the security of personal information very seriously.
  • 2 CheckOut Dot Com (2CO) and Paypal, our financial transaction partners, provide our online subscription capability. When paying us a fee for our promouting services, your credit card information is sent to 2 CheckOut Dot Com and Paypal via their secure server. They use the latest, most secure technology available, which encrypts all your personal and credit card details so that your credit or debit card details cannot be read as they travel over the internet.
  • Your credit card information is then held in 2CO and Paypal's secure database for a period of time to allow us to process your subscription.
Privacy Statement
  • How we Protect Your Privacy ?
    • We NEVER rent or share your personal information or e-mail address with any other party except our payment card transaction company!
Refund / Return Policy
  • If you feel unsatisfied of our promotion we will refund remaining money. No questions will be asked. Refunds are available within 30 days of product purchase by open a ticket in your CP.
Terms for advertisers
  • Advertiser is any user of the system, using any of FastPromo promotion services.
  • The advertiser is solely responsible for all the promoted resource content, regardless of the content providers. Circumstances allowing the advertiser to release from liability for violation of the rules, does not exist, including, but not limited to, if the violations were the fault of third parties.
  • Advertiser's Web site acknowledges terms violator, if there are irregularities in the opinion of service moderator. Moderator can explaine the reasons for suspending the site impressions and fines, for advertiser request.
  • In case of terms inconsistency, site promotion will be suspended by the administrator.
  • Система не дает никаких гарантий, что все осуществленные показы будут зафиксированы сторонними учетными системами, не устанавливает минимальный процент расхождений статистики системы со статистикой сторонних учетных систем, а также не производит никаких компенсаций в случае возникновения таких расхождений.
  • Site is prohibited for propositions to add itself to favorites, set as home page (automatically), or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the system.
  • FastPromo Administration has right to refuse any site of service without explanation. Denial of service means that any promotional materials on this site may not be promoted with AdsMonter service. AdsMonter assumes no responsibility for any loss from denial of service and does not cover such losses.
  • It is forbidden to set the site address as the address of the image.
  • It is forbidden to use AdsMonter service to create a parasitic traffic to the advertised sites, which leads to their inaccessibility.
  • If the account balance is $ 0.00, the promotion of it will be stopped.
Deposit / Withdrawal
  • Input means is carried out automatically by means of payment instruments currently connected to the service. If the system failed to automatically process your payment, you should contact support for manual payment processing, manual processing period of not more than 48 hours. Do not make direct transfers to the details of such transfers are not processed automatically, check payments without contacting the support is not made.
  • Deposit / Withdrawal made ??on domestic rates system. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Withdrawal of funds by means of payment instruments currently connected to the service. The maximum period of processing the application for withdrawal is 5 days, during this period of transfer must be made ??or rejected with the reason of deviation. If you receive requests from the user on the withdrawal before this period, the application for withdrawal of funds transferred to the end of the queue, and the withdrawal period is extended for 5 days after the last treatment.
  • You may not use the system for exchange, ie prohibited deposit with a single system and withdrawal of funds by means of another, including accounts with third parties, or their own accounts in partner systems. Such transfers will be returned to the account of the account, the fee for withdrawal of funds will not be refunded.
  • If there is no provision in the chosen payment system in the withdrawal of funds may be withheld from the refund the full amount (including commission) for the balance of your account. However, there will be a minimum of one currency, applications for withdrawal which will be taken without regard to available reserves. At the moment it is WebMoney WMZ, WebMoney WMR, WebMoney WMU. These systems are subject to change without notice.
  • The system FastPromo not responsible for the non-functional interfaces, payment systems, the term of withdrawal shall be extended for a period of such failure.
  • The responsibility for the correctness of the details of the payment rests with the user. If you can not make payment on these requisites funds are returned to your account balance within 14 days from the date of payment request.