Do you need access or a password to my social media account?

NO Access or Passwords Needed!
Using our methods, we don't have to control or have any access to your account in any way. All we require from you is the link of the video where you want your order applied.
Delivery will take place as soon as we receive your payment.

Can I get banned?

No. You won't get banned from YouTube and as of late 2014, your video cannot get removed.

Is buying views illegal?

No, absolutely not. There is no law in any country that states that you cannot purchase views or traffic.

Can a video go viral from buying views?

Absolutely! We've heard of a lot of success stories from people that started buying views to end up with an extremely popular and viral video. BUT this again depends heavily on the content of the video. Buying views will help your video gain credibility and social proof which can help attract people to watching it, but if those people don't love it and don't share it, then your video isn't going to gain much atraction. If your video is awesome, funny, or engaging and people love it, then they'll share and their friends will share it and the viral train begins. It all starts with making a good video.